IPTV: A Streaming Site That Hacked Into Canal+, RMC Sports And beIN Sports Has Been Closed

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Canal+, RMC Sports and beIN Sports closed the streaming site beinsport-streaming.com. The platform was broadcasting content from their live channels illegally. The creators and administrators have been called upon and are at great risk.

The streaming site beinsport-streaming.com, which hosted pirate video streams from the channels of the Canal+ bouquets, beIN Sports and RMC Sport, has been closed, the three media groups announced on 24 June 2019.

They won their case after filing a joint complaint with the support of the Association de lutte contre la piraterie audiovisuelle (ALPA).

Canal+, RMC Sports And Bein Sports Shut Down A Pirate Streaming Site

The preliminary investigation conducted by the Cybercrime Unit of the Research Section of the Gendarmerie nationale de Rennes led to the arrest in June 2018 of the platform’s alleged creators and administrators, who illegally streamed the content of some 20 pirate sites targeted at matches and sporting events.

The individuals behind beinsport-streaming.com will be tried at the Rennes Criminal Court. They were remunerated through the many advertisements broadcast.

Over the last 6 months of their activity, the hosted sites were visited by 500,000 Internet users per month.

“A large amount of money was seized. Among the offences that may be retained are the offence of organised gang counterfeiting and aggravated money laundering.

The defendants face a 10-year prison sentence and a 750,000 euro fine,” said the joint statement by Canal+, RMC Sports and beIN Sports.

We reported to you a few weeks ago that sports channels want to impose a law to put an end to illegal streaming.

In particular, they are calling for tools to be put in place in order to act more quickly against pages broadcasting pirate content.

With the current legislation and administrative slowness, their war is lost in advance without change.

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