100 million centipede fossil found in Myanmar, whereby

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100 million centipede fossil found in Myanmar, whereby

Between the Myanmar army in the local amber 99 million years ago, dinosaurs live for a limited period without living in a small piece of one species Millipede researchers found.

Without this being given the name Burmanopetalum inexpectatum ZooKeys of publication. The centipede the size of a 1 cm-inch 4 has an image without Today, there are about 10 cm – 4 inches without talking to her feet Dwarf dwarf Bulgaria Natural History Pavel Stoev said.

He was a centipede, which will study the history evolved as a species, researchers calculated. Dinosaurs living large living big players when faced with a small centipede described itself is unique. In addition, apart from modern unusually its latest joint is unique in the back there is a huge sweet.

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