Configuring a political crisis and international organizations need to have accountability in Myanmar

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2019 January 0 after Jerusalem received won the literature writer. People’s freedom, Community The political and administrative posts is awarded once every 2 years for Writers Award. The award ceremony, his speech accepting the oppressive systems, Input said. “Each of us can see and feel the spirit alive. The system did not  Such systems should be allowed to exploit, “he said. On behalf of the people of Burma and the administrative system is not for the public good, which costs more than 70 years has created. It needs the solidarity of the people in order to change the system. The justice system is alive and if they are allowed to work for peace and democratic transition while achieving few results, there is a prospect of losing.

Burma reveals the true potential changes appear not, there are always a chance to disappear. China Yan Anna Ming Square protests of 1988, a year earlier before the outbreak occurred democracy in Burma claim to be an opportunity for change. But the former military officers constitute a quasi-civilian government was overthrown in a democracy when the military seized the military hopes brutally trampled. After the 1990 general election held. After the 1962 military coup was the first multi-party elections held. Won a landslide election, the National Party, refused to recognize the coup government of the elected parliament and a number of student activists have fled border areas. The political system that does not work, and the opportunity to be working together as a misguided administration area presents a rare opportunity for Myanmar to have been lost.

It went through a cease-fire followed by more than 1990 years. Lasted decades and resources to address the causes of armed conflicts arising opportunities. Pledged a “free and fair” elections, which have been destroyed because of the war-torn wait for a period to be able to rebuild the lives were believed to be able to create the ceasefire period. Stop fighting over 450 villages in northern Kachin and Shan states were able to return and rehabilitation. However, fighting has broken ceasefire in 2011 when he became about half of these villages is regrettable that they had fled, leaving again. As the war intensified and in some villages was exactly blue. Must be reviewed if a cease-fire could not be a political solution. Why if we see why, though the ceasefire was to achieve a solution that will solve the military strategic advantage may be the main aim was to conclude. Spine consolidate power after the conflict and management controls in order to build political, A cease-fire to attain economic gain, were used as the main strategy.

2015 expectations had to survive a year. Suu Kyi led the NLD party MPs in both houses of Parliament states and regions, including the most wins. NLD active supporters, The party members and non-party members were proud of the success of this gladly. Union, which was established with the non-Burman ethnic states ministers and other cabinet ministers accepted if you prefer the party NLD won. However, at least in regions and provinces of the government to carry out their duties with the party’s guidelines difficulties and to give priority to the needs of local people than were expected. For example, the Government of the Kachin people’s needs and priorities problem whereby NLD second priority will be given hope. His party won, but the needs of local ethnic generously by giving priority fulfill the Myanmar national reconciliation were expected to be the first genuinely. We hope, however, is too large, It was too sadly aware. national leader

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