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1.Intent Based Marketing
Marketing Search Engine Marketing buck bag. We want to know if you want to search Google wrote. Camera Canon EOS 1300D, for example, if I want to buy it to buy the best friend of the camera to search the Internet wrote costing study to calculate prices.

So the simple answer is that the camera is doing Demand. If you want to buy Air Camera.

In this case, Digital Marketing elaborate Google what to do Keyword research (Search Keyword Search Platform will have to use either). Target the country wants. Search now the Myanmar month of the Product (Camera) On average, how many people did. How much have to guess what you want to buy.

The Law of 1%, for example, if the Camera Canon EOS 1300D month, there were 200 people who may want to buy.

So Now this Camera Canon EOS 1300D, a Demand. What to buy two if you want to guess what Peter Product Digital Marketing Model can open all Supply Chain Management If you get bitten Foreign Product. Click Online Offline sold. From here the main target Online Sale.

I think everyone understood Ok..Search Marketing. Search Marketing is the product you want to sell, or do you want to buy for inclusion Content there who want to read the first medium access point then based Assessment result did Product Marketing. Content.

Consider. How well the tricks. Demand to know how much can be bought for 7 7 longer to make sure Marketing Management.

(Marketing, but no longer do. Digital marketing model here about Search marketing drive it at the other)

Now, said about the Search Engine Marketing Basic. Keyword Research Analytics, if a joint study with the data from a Camera Canon EOS 1300D Behaviour Attitude We will understand by using another Integration platform.


2.Brand Marketing
Brand Marketing Traditional Marketing replace a TV, Channel ads seen.

Digital Brand Marketing, Display Ads / Pay Per Click / CTR claims resulting from runoff. The main base is Google Ads Ads company.

Branding is a bit at the

Branding Company’s Image standings content industry is making an effort to convince people to learn more about investment.

Phone could possibly wish Iphone. This is the Apple Company Branding results. There are many method for Branding. Here, mainly because Digital Marketing Display Ads Or Google Ads Or Mobile Ads will not.

Ok ..Branding understand Peter. Now, we will have a Company Branding In other words, I’ll do, namely, Advertising. In Traditional Marketing from the TV ads.

If you add advertising from TV Or Channel

– Ads, how should people obey firm is not restricted to.

– where the ads are a must see is not limited to.

– How many people do not know.

– Do you know their response ad Abu.

These are mainly Marketers excited problems.

So do you resolve issues of this digital brand marketing

Yes. Here is an example to add your ads, if you use Google Ads

– space is limited to one. You can at the same Target.

– If your ad Camera product advertising through Google Ads Keyword Camera Target Camera are interested to see your Ads. You can do Flexible target.

The three-hour limit could .. Monday to Friday, but can make Ads Run.

– How long will the people in your ad Ads can see. (Google Ads To Youtube)

Ok … So, this target should be well done if you are interested in Ads Pi Click to Pay per click Google Ads must pay. So unnecessary for those who are not interested in your Ads Click to see money, they do not need to use.

So, ROI is a very cost-effective. It’s about Branding Marketing.

3.Content Marketing
Content Marketing Blog, Native Content, Website etc..

Content Marketing Traditional Marketing Print Advertising / Magazine instead of cash.

I was the first Traditional Marketing. Newspaper and I want to see your ad. From time to time, to draw attention to those things that interest me. Finally, I do not read

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