Huawei Communications Department, In collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Communications in building future digital Myanmar unveiled the importance of 5G technology

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“The future of the digital world and 5G technology that will connect the country with the title of” 5G 2018, Huawei and seminar in collaboration with the Communications Department was held in the Hilton Hotel on December 19, Naypyitaw. Over those attending the active participation of experts from the field of information and communication technology Organizations, and Huawei, 5G technology 5G technology advances and the likely effect on Burma with the points in the Technology Accessibility.

Love, former permanent secretary at the Ministry of Transportation, divided Head of the ITU ASEAN Regional Dr Ismail Shah, Huawei Global Carrier business group’s vice chairman, Mr. Zhou Jianjun, Department of Communication Directorate Director-General Soe Thein other international organizations, including Individuals from business partners and media dignitaries attended.

Former permanent secretary for the Ministry of Transportation Chit Wai gave the opening speech opening the objectives of the meeting, to discuss the situation in the country’s market for the future of the 4G / 5G Via 4G / 4.5G technology 5G technology to successfully prepare for the replacement of the Myanmar National Broadband White Paper 2019 and updated spectrum roadmap 2019, Digital with Myanmar to push for becoming Extending the route, infrastructure, Equipment, Fiber and citizens, For households and industry sectors that include broadband support policies in order to build a 5G ecosystems are to be prepared for what you need. APT700MHz, TDD 2.6GHz, 2.3GHz and C band 3.5GHz and 4G, which will be implemented within the next 2 years for 5G network is being considered as the main frequency. The need for active participation in the country’s economic transformation process as well as in the country, bringing the 5G show significant changes, not only in the mobile broadband fixed wireless access and use among the Internet of Things applications 5G technology will go into discussion.

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