Kachin and high, and had washed Magwe kills 3

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Kachin State and Magway Some regions in the past few days because of a higher roof collapsed 3 of water swept away and killed the director of the Department of Risk Management Lei Lei Tun said.

‘Flood Kachin Lauren play at least one person was lost and adrift. Death experiences clause. Magway pound famously fast brook even a die cut adrift about the situation in the light, killing the man. ” Lei Lei Tun said.

In the past few days, the Kachin, Mon, Chin, Bago, Rakhine, Mandalay, Every province since the flood victims have been flooded at 8 than ten thousand people had flood relief camps had been opened.

Sagaing and Mandalay, there is some relief. The rest of Bago, Mon, Has been disabled. The Kachin have been back several because of the water. ” Relief about the closure of Daw Phyu Phyu Lei Lei Tun said.
Mandalay Sagaing flood camps from 12th place, a total of 9 Avoid remaining flood around the festival’s history.
Starting in early July floods in many parts of the water falls.

But also the country’s second main rivers flood the period until the end of August because of the situation in the river could rise to reside stay aware of the flood victims still need to resume Chief is also the director of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Dr. Kyaw Moe warned.

According to our estimates. ‘ The Irrawaddy, Chindwin river, during the mid This river is more than 2 times to reach danger level. July, August flooding almost every year but because I need to be careful, ” Dr. Kyaw Moe said.

2018 block efforts nationwide flood relief camps to flooding had displaced hundreds more than 20 people on the ground.

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