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Myanmar, whenever summer we often encounter the problem of electricity annually.

The high temperatures, especially in the current year Electric fire interrupted more often experience the condition. BLOWING because of the country’s major hydropower dams often have less water in hydropower production has declined to say.

In addition to higher industrial demand for the amount of contribution to the Electric modernized social services such as electricity demand is growing more likely.

Electricity demand will rapidly solve the use of solar energy (Solar Energy).

In addition to the solar system is not the solution to electricity needs in a way not to harm the environment.

Earth Renewable Energy Myanmar company’s Hybrid Solar Rooftop System Earth Industry manufacturing plant started in 2017, resulting in the system because the electricity needs of the Earth Industry manufacturing plant complete it.

Solar Rooftop Hybrid PV-Battery-Diesel System Earth Industry manufacturing plant in November 2017 has been launched in October to complete the successful take only about a month to install the system, and resulted in a number of time saving benefits of harsh use, which has been over a year at the time the benefits achieved from a factory job with another company Most are eager to share the Earth Renewable Energy – Myanmar official Paul said.

2 Earth Renewable Energy – Myanmar established risk ပြည့်နှစ်တွင် Solar Home Systems, Solar Public Systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Rooftop Systems, Stand Alone Solar Mini Grids, Solar Hybrid Systems have been providing services and Solar Powered Appliances.

Rural drinking water supply in areas of medium power planning and Solar Home Systems, Solar Public Systems and Solar Street Lights are being installed, as well as provinces and regions transport smooth and risk to safety and crime reduction High Powered LED street lamp posts and advanced CCTV cameras attached to the Solar System was installed.

In addition, Earth Renewable Energy – Myanmar The First ASEAN Energy Award In Myanmar, has won the award in 2 14.

Solar Rooftop Hybrid PV-Battery-Diesel System Solar System, the advantage of the system Battery and generators, which included a combination of 0.583 MW Capacity Solar Rooftop Hybrid System.

Hybrid Solar Rooftop System units of electricity per day to conserve electricity produced 2.10 In addition to supporting the system by the use of air purification and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could reduce inhaling

Earth Renewable Energy – Myanmar summer water shortages, The new high-rise buildings, water shortages and crop plantation for making water supply Solar Pumping System Solar System, electric motorcycles and electric vehicle charging, helping Myanmar cold for some areas, the health of the elderly and low-payment electric meter has been the installation of Solar Thermal Energy.

In addition, factory work, the best way to alleviate the long-term energy needs in order to fulfill will help the Earth Renewable Energy – Myanmar (53/54), Pyay Mayangone ,9 Mai, Yangon. 9254198178, phone contact e-mail address – [email protected] in prison.

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