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Mazda Biante is prepared as a commercial delivery van is no instruction from the import license set out ပေးနေရပြီး matches as a delivery van vehicles To be responsible, according to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.
Already in terms of the “delivery van. Would not be issued a license to a single smoldering Biante has no instructions on the match. Delivery van factors are responsible to verify whether or not a man.” The Ministry of Economy and Commerce, The license permits Output Department Director said.

Japan’s Mazda Biante importing cars through Myawaddy border delivery van filled according to specified point is allowed to import licenses would be issued permits.

delivery van in terms of import licenses (a) in the next batch of iron plates must be closed (sealed) type. (B) driver between the room and the next batch of the pattern portion. (C) The cargo must be the real aim behind the body floor. (D) having a seat in the next room schedule as specified.

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