Phone to liquid water or how to cause harm and Teaching

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Damage due to liquid water and phone and learning methods of repair

Action Application OPPO Valid on all smartphones.

If your phone is a fall in the water or other liquid, and Fear Learn how to perform emergency. Below:

Regenerate water immediately.

If your phone if the phone battery, After you turn off the phone, the SIM and SD card.

With a tissue or dry cloth to wipe the water to back up on your phone. After the destination side against an unruly bunch entering the water.

Do you have a fan or air conditioning, blow dry with a hair dryer phone. After your warranty and OPPO phone or buy a phone card voucher evidence of a working visit to the nearest Service Center to check.

* Note to blow the hot air phone and raise the temperature in the phone the day avoid damaged.


After falling into the water, and emergency phone Option to reduce the damage to your phone, during a phone that contains many small electronics components, such as the risk of damage due to water remains. coffee, coca cola, milk, Juice, Liquid sea are cut to make more. So whenever your phone OPPO OPPO Mail Service Center as soon as possible is advised.

* Photo Some of the settings and events, and will be different from your phone. However, these instructions are not affected.

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