SC AUTO Burma (Myanmar) by SC NEUSTAR brand has been producing buses

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Yangon on 28 May 2019, Supervisory In the industrial zone in Yangon SC Auto (Myanmar) Co., Ltd’s automotive plant opening ceremony SC NEUSTAR brands in bus 3 and have been introduced to the people of Burma.

SC Auto plant with the permission of the Myanmar Investment Commission invests Singapore percent full, and sale of passenger vehicles manufactured Plant maintenance organization.

Open the game one of the Myanmar Investment Commission Thaung Tun, high technology and quality services, welcomed the working visit to Myanmar Commission automobile production operations Semi Knocked-Down (SKD) production system Complete Knocked-Down (CKD) system in the near future has been working to encourage production, This process has been developed for local SMEs to develop Supported Industry SC Auto Plant produces CKD system, and especially the quality standard SC NEUSTAR brand vehicles manufactured in Europe are now proud to see clearly more fun than a barrel, SC Auto factory buses in Myanmar producing Made In Myanmar’s domestic and overseas shipments and also serves as the first bus manufacturers have been welcomed and encouraged, said.

Chief Minister of Yangon Region government to accept European standards and vehicles intended to sell domestic and exported to Asian and European countries are being produced are very happy because the proud mother said. It was also attended by Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore H.E Ms. Vanessa Chan also attended the factory Managing Director Ms. History of Rachel Lee plant will proceed with plans to explain, he said. The plant was opened to foreign investors, Entrepreneurs in the private sector and the automotive manufacturing and distribution suppliers were given a total of about 370 active participants to be seen.

SC Auto Plant’s journey intention was attained in Myanmar Investment Commission permit since 2015 has started to prepare. Production of raw materials and technology, Europe is done currently one of 80 technical staff, Office 20 Service and Marketing Technical staff to become operational with a total of 100 employees in May 2019 was introduced in the bus made a 3.

Singapore automobile production plant experts, Singapore has had a minimum experience of 10 years and above work experience of skilled workers began the recall. Position includes many stages staff to see what we are doing to create a high-tech job opportunities can also delighted.

If you see the production process in Singapore SC Auto (Singapore) production plant in Myanmar as well as installation. Installation of the latest devices, the floating platform 2 D shape using laser cutting, The automatic wire cutting and inspection, Bus Testing Just paint the entire Production of vehicle parts, including using advanced Computer Program conducted the survey. The nails are used to produce a high Tensile Strength Stainless Steel imported from Finland, the use of such vehicles to have access to long term she said. Thus, the SC Auto Motor vehicle production in accordance with European standards and has obtained certificates for quality and safety insecurity I consider the advantages of a plant.

SC Auto responsible investment as the country began to be opened in new plant staff to make more jobs, Skilled staff increases, as well as a visit, and comfort for the investor wage Getting warm relations, ASEAN Investment Agreement to be a good opportunity to receive the benefits of the two sides to find a cause. This is because of the investment opportunities available for foreign investors to operate in Myanmar will be able to penetrate the market with advantages are a step forward to the international export factory Managing Director Ms. Rachel Lee’s hegemony clear presentations.

SC Auto plant the country’s climate, Bus to match road conditions and the first units. Coming years, staff has been increased about 55 Seaters SC Auto Brand Bus / Coaches increased up to 100 units expected to be produced

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