Telenor Myanmar is a technical work program participants announced

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Telenor Myanmar with the local competent young hydrology serious work entered in the workplace aimed at contributing sufficient and ready for the first time in the technical work program participants started their stay.

The program, qualified young graduates who have excelled in the company’s year-old will be contracted from training / time to expire and the Council as a full-time employee in the company will have access to work opportunities.

“Myanmar is open to a market-making was very recently because of new business, especially in the telecommunications field in a suitable qualified 0 employees are still in use as a challenge. This program is Myanmar’s mining sector from 0 to almost ready to produce more qualified people would be able to fill the gap Telenor believe. In addition, these young people graduated from the program in Telenor’s experience with domestic and international partners currently working with the project partnership to the next available opportunity. Myanmar is able to encourage our young people could not be started on a plan, so we are delighted, “Telenor Myanmar’s former Chief People Officer Goldie Shwe Yee Win Lei said.

The program of the first batch of 10 young graduates with Telenor as a ‘technical workplace training will receive a computer from the young people who graduated from universities and Technological Electrical Communication and Information Technology graduates who teach specialized subjects intend to appoint young people through the program as well as this program and bite Young graduated from a diploma or certificate holder will be able to apply, respectively.

Those elected will begin in August 2017, 12 months old prime contract for him to be working together with Telenor Telenor’s network and information technology-related institutions, 5 in each workplace to go to work as a trainee.

The participants to their respective workplace through workplace should know before joining an introduction to explain the contents of the 3-day work program will begin to attend the program, Telenor Group and Telenor, to make its working methods introduced Information about business ethics rules and workplace safety issues and to make clear it.

Eligibility for young graduates interested in application and fulfillment of Telenor’s web site hereby fill Application Profile 0 [email protected] May 31, with the final application. Only participants total, short-listed applicants will be contacted to interview.

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