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What is Google Adsense- Google Adsense Blogger via Google Advertisement are mainly used to get money. I’d like to explain a little of the transaction. Companies Product and Service through Google ads on that. In addition to these ads Advertise Poster signs more effectiveness. Advertise Companies usually believed to display (on the ad itself), PPC (Pay Per Click – to use the money to pay for every single click) advertising.

Get Paid For Click
In other words, those who are interested in your ad, your ad and have to click to avoid killing and, as such, caution. Those interested do not think we’ll just click on your ad. So for those စိတ်မဝင်စားတဲ့ charges being characterized. Here is better than advertising such as signs. For those who are interested and not interested in the sign was paid. This helps to make good and effective access to the Target Customer fried because the Google Adwords advertising the day after a long day you can add more. Google’s Adwords advertising Track everyone has direct access to customers interested in your ad to send to them.

Add Google Adsense to your site
Google became a food here. More နေ့နဲ့ည Where do Where should display ads. Google comes in. Google is using Google Adsense. In other words, a blog or website to attract more people to obey. If a blog or website of the Blog or website after Google Adsense and connected in Google For those who put their ads on Google Adwords The display will show ads by getting more space for Google Advertise on display that will do more damage. Google Advertisement Company itself. Over 70% of Google’s revenue, Google Adwords Advertisement years.

Secondly, Google is the Google Adwords advertising Blogger blog on the show or at any Website or display them, so we need to give them money. This display. The Advertisement Display visitor Click If ordinary Display Pay Per Click need more money and Blogger. Such via Google Advertisement you can get a Google Adsense have been invented. Link your site with Google Adsense, then your Visitor, based on a few money through Google as well. More on Your Site Visitor watching an ad on your website, the higher your income as well. I would like your website to the main Visitor.

There are many other Advertisement Display ad. Thus far, however, you can interview Advertise using Google Adwords Business Companies win this talk about Google Adsense. Try to have your Site Visitor simple direct Companies can Advertisement. Ask if you do not know Comment. As far as he knew it.

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