Apple Suffering but Still Leading on High-End Smartphones

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Apple remains the number 1 manufacturer in the high-end smartphone market. However, the general trend is rather gloomy and the Cupertino firm has recorded a serious drop in sales.

Apple is clenching its teeth, but remains the leader in the premium smartphone market. This was observed by the analyst firm Counterpoint in a report for the first quarter of 2019.

Before going any further, let us simply point out that the authors of the study consider that a telephone is “premium” when it is sold for more than 400 dollars.

Apples therefore remain the leader in this segment with 47% of the market share, but Apple has suffered a 20% drop in sales compared to the same period last year.

This rather severe drop was not without consequence on the premium smartphone market as a whole, which fell by 8%.

Behind Apple, the podium is, not surprisingly, occupied by Samsung and Huawei. The latter achieved a nice result with 16% of the market share, but its growth will be considerably slowed down by the embargo imposed by the American government.

Thus, overall, the trend is rather bleak. But Counterpoint analysts believe that the development of 5G – and compatible smartphones of course – could solve this problem.

It is also specified that the high-end smartphone market is the most difficult to penetrate since a large part of the brands’ success is based on their reputation. It is also interesting to know that the highest margins are achieved on devices in this price segment.

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