Mate X: Huawei Will Release Its Folding Smartphone in September 2019

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Through the voice of one of its senior executives, Huawei announces the release of the Mate X, its folding smartphone, before September 2019.

The exit, postponed following Donald Trump’s decree, could even occur sooner. Good news: the Mate X will take Android on board.

While Samsung has still not released a release date for his Galaxy Fold, Huawei is putting forward some pawns. Trump decree or not, the Chinese manufacturer is confident about the marketing of its folding smartphone.

Vincent Pang, President of Huawei Europe, met with our TechRadar colleagues. When asked about the release date of the Mate X, he states, “It will arrive in September at the latest. Probably earlier, but with certainty in September”.

Finally, Huawei stayed within the initial schedule. The brand had promised a release before the end of the summer.

Huawei France had indicated to us that the marketing would probably take place in September, the date of the first “real” 5G tests in France.

Last week, Stéphane Curtelin, Marketing Director of Huawei France, announced the release of the Mate X before the end of 2019 in France.

Vincent Pang also assures that the Mate X will include Android and not Hongmeng OS, its in-house operating system that was supposed to replace Google’s OS following the Trump decree.

Vincent Pang explained that the official presentation of the Mate X took place before Huawei was placed on the blacklist.

The smartphone does not fall within the limitations imposed by the American President and can therefore integrate Android.

Mate X Won’t Have the Same Problems As Galaxy Fold

Vincent Peng explains that the Huawei vs Trump case had no impact on the launch schedule of Mate X.

The Brand took the time to work on the P-OLED flexible screen and “did many tests” to avoid the Galaxy Fold setbacks. Some testers had damaged the screen of Samsung’s folding smartphone.

Negative feedback (sometimes justified, sometimes less) was enough to delay the launch. Samsung chose to play the precautionary card and reworked his product.

The beginnings of folding smartphones are therefore complicated, but the start of the 2019 school year should mark the beginning of a new standard on the smartphone market. For the greatest pleasure of enthusiasts.

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